The Weekend Edition


November 2018

Atelier Brasserie adds a dash of Euro style to King Street

We have a lot to thank Europe for. The printing press, the telephone and the locomotive – all of these ground-breaking inventions were created by European thinkers. Europe also created much of our modern culinary practices, with a plethora of techniques and tastes honed in kitchens across the vast continent. Atelier Brasserie is a new eatery in the heart of Bowen Hills that is paying homage to Europe’s diverse dining scene, plating up an inspired selection of dishes in an refined and accommodating setting.

For Charlotte Barakat, the inspiration for Atelier Brasserie came from two distinct sources. First, Charlotte’s family opened the iconic Gino’s Restaurant in Hamilton in the 1980s, so an affinity for hospitality was instilled in her from a young age. The second influence was Charlotte’s own travels through Europe, where she experienced first hand the warm and cosy kind of dining prevalent across much of the continent. Looking to bring a dash of that honesty and refinement to Brisbane, Charlotte locked down a space on booming Bowen Hills promenade King Street, recruiting CLUI Design and Tonic Projects to articulate feelings of intimacy, sophistication, luxury and accessibility in the aesthetic of Atelier Brasserie. The 65-seater’s interior emphasises eye-catching contrasts, with grey walls offset by teal banquette seating. Diners are welcome to sit at the bar for a casual dining experience or sink into the comfortable bucket seats of Atelier’s interior tables, but don’t forget the venue’s alfresco area – it gives diners a great vantage point to take in the action on King Street.

Atelier Brasserie offers a menu that takes influence from French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Greek cuisines. Such a fusion would be a mammoth task to condense into a single menu, but the kitchen team has expertly parlayed the tastes into a concise and striking list. The menu extends from lunch through to dinner, beginning with shareable starters such as saffron and Moreton Bay bug raviole, salty cod croquettes, steak tartare with bone marrow, and lamb cigar with smoked baba ganoush and house made goats cheese. For the main affair, stuffed calamari, steak frites, lamb saddle and duck Maryland confit offers plenty to sink your teeth into. Rounding out the food offering is some choice charcuterie and cheese, decadent desserts and convenient lunch specials. Behind the bar, Charlotte has cast her eye across Australia and further abroad for Atelier Brasserie’s selection of wines. Drops from New Zealand, France, Spain and Macedonia feature alongside a collection of signature cocktails (negroni served with fresh pineapple, anyone?), up-market first-pour spirits and beers.